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Watching TV on the Internet has been steadily gaining in popularity during the past few years as more and more Internet surfers are discovering how easy it is to get and set up.

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With the introduction of broadband, TV via the internet is now a realistic option instead of the standard ‘Satellite TV with a dish’ setup.  One of the main drivers for this is that the software has advanced in leaps and bounds and is now on a par quality wise.  However, there’s much more flexibility and coverage when using software to watch TV via the internet.

    What Are The Benefits Over Standard Satellite TV
- Small onetime fee – No ongoing subscription!
- Channel Variety – 3000 channels, all FREE
- Watch Anywhere Anytime – Use your laptop

    What Do I Need To Access it?
- A computer
- Internet Access (Preferably fast broadband)
- Streaming TV Software

Isn’t it time you switched?


How Does TV Streaming Software Work?

Usually this software is an interface to connect to a streaming provider.
What this means technically is that the provider takes the analog or digital video and transforms it into packeted data also known as a stream.  Because of this there can be some delay as opposed to someone watching via cable but it is generally no more than a few seconds.  This can however be critical if you are watching sport then every second counts!
So the software provides you access to these streams of video via a well organized interface.
Also, you will generally find that the software will also provide access to digital radio stations because the streaming process is very similar.

There are a lot of competing software packages that are sold today offering internet television. But what type of program should you choose that can provide the best way to watch TV on the internet? There are many point to consider when you are considering purchasing a program because there are a lot of products that offer cheap prices but with less than good stream quality and unstable service. You should choose one that give you great service at an reasonable price.
Channels available are changing all the time as companies go bust and new ones are created, so it’s important the the provider be able to keep their stream database up to date.
So this is where you need to consider the product’s user base as generally the products which have ben around for a long time will have established procedures to make sure they are current.

You should choose software that offers you with the largest number of channels and highest quality streams for the best high definition picture and digital audio quality. The software should ideally provide access to a large number of global radio stations that are not available with other software.  There should be no need for the purchase of any hardware or in fact anything else.  It should definitely offer unlimited and unrestricted access to all the channels and radio stations around the world with high def digital quality.  Of course it should also be spyware and adware free to protect you from annoying pop ups or advertising.

Internet TV software provides a mass of diverse and interesting channels for even the most demanding viewer and we believe it will eentually be the main method for watching TV.  Just take a look at the feature sets of new TVs where streaming is becoming integrated – but usually at a price for the subscription.  Why pay monthly when you don’t need to?

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Why Watch TV on The Internet?

It will not come as a surprise to those interested in watching tv on the internet that there are already lots of people doing this already. TV video is being streamed every single day and people are getting used to watching entertainment media using their PCs on the internet. Quite simply, the easiest way to do this is to setup your computer with a special satellite TV software.  You can read here how to watch using the internet and how it compares with the usual TV services you are utilizing today.

The software can be downloaded onlie and installed quickly. There are clear instruction manuals that take you step by step through the installation. Even technology novices can install software in a few steps. The usage is simple and user-friendly. Once you are done with the installation, you can instantly browse the available TV channels they offer and find the desired TV program to watch.

If you have been a satellite TV subscriber for a long time, you will know it expensive, and one of the biggest benefits here is that there is no monthly cost involved at all. There is just the one time payment for the software which works out to less than $50 for most of the available products and brands.

Because the software is receiving free to air TV feeds from FTA TV stations, the TV shows you can watch on computer are entirely free.  A standard cable TV setup will net you maybe 200 channels – watching tv on the internet opens up a much larger set, typically nearer 3000 channels with the software. This is the biggest reason why people change to use PC satellite TV software along with the now typical high speed broadband access which most people have.

Other than the software, there’s no need to buy additional equipment or hardware, just a fast internet connection will suffice, such as broadband or dsl. Ideally, you would use broadband for faster to avoid any streaming problems. You may also need to install Macromedia Flash which is free and sometimes Windows Media Player before you can watch tv on internet for free.

The software packages available have great interfaces to make finding channels by category or subject so it’s easy to find something to interest you.  Once you find a channel you like you can usually save the channel to a favorite list so that you can don’t forget the good ones to watch. It’s pretty much point and click and simple to do.

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